StormSky Kennels is a small kennel in Northeastern Wisconsin dedicated to producing Alaskan Malamutes, exemplifying the breed standard in structure, temperament, soundness, and work ethic.


The Alaskan Malamute is a dog that possesses great kindness, loyalty, truth, and honesty. They are a breed that loves all until someone gives them a reason not too. They love children and typically get along well with other dogs when properly introduced.


The Malamute is used for skijoring, dog sledding, weight pulling, and agility. They excel in any winter sport and LOVE the cold. The Malamute is not a breed for everyone. They are very independent and require constant training. They also are a very vocal breed. “Woo Wooing,” as we Mal owners lovingly call it, is not always loved by all who have to listen to it. The Mal is a large breed with a very dense thick coat (one that can not ever be shaved down) and they will shed. A good diet and regular baths/brushings are a must to keep the shedding under control. The Malamute is a hard working dog, and a dog that will be able to go on adventures with you and your family.


StormSky Kennel USA


Be sure to research not only the breed, but also the breeder.

There are many people that consider themselves “breeders,” but only a select number are truly BREEDERS!!! All of our puppies are sold with health guarantees, and only the best dogs are used in our breeding program. All of our dogs have the required genetic testing required by the AMCA.